What makes a good nanny job description?

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2 min readFeb 18, 2021

Having a good nanny job description/advert is the only way to attract excellent candidates, so take your time in writing one. The description should cover the nannies duties, responsibilities and should also include the skills or qualifications you require from candidates. If you have previously employed a nanny you may already have an idea of what you are looking for in terms of skills, experience, age or even personality. It is important to speak to friends for advice and discuss with your partner about the type of person who would work best in your home. A good nanny match makes all the difference, and if both you and your nanny are happy together, the relationship should be long lasting. What you write will resonate with a specific type of nanny so it is important to give the description some thought.

A job description used as an advert should not be too long nor too short. You do not want to write too much detail, and equally you want to offer enough information to win the attention of the right candidates. Having too much detail could mean a nanny is put off applying — as they may think you are asking for too much from the start. Instead, you can include many more details later in the job contract — so be careful to only describes the basics at this initial stage.

Don’t forget to include:

  • working hours, days and times
  • ages of children (it is not a good idea to put your children’s names on the advert)
  • sole charge (nanny has full responsibility) or shared care (shared care with you or your partner)
  • location of employment
  • salary/pay guidelines
  • details of the job and duties
  • details of any cooking/housekeeping required
  • extra babysitting required?

You can also ask for skills and qualifications like:

  • a second language
  • driving license
  • first aid training
  • DBS certificate

If you are entitled to receive childcare vouchers, you may want to request that your nanny is OFSTED registered or is willing to become registered. Ready to write your description and post your job with us at Nanny Network? You could find your ideal candidate today!



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